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Walltastic wall art, affordable nursery decorating!

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Walltastic focusses on producing premier decorating products for children’s rooms and nurseries. Hot off the press, the latest range is colourful, easy to apply and makes for an affordable bedroom feature piece, sure to add an instant wow factor to any child’s space. Walltastic wall murals stand out from other similar decorating products, the art is significantly large in size, so as to be impressive and economical. Whether you’re wanting to transform, personalise or add a touch of fantasy to your child’s space, Walltastic has a design option to suit all tastes and intents.

Considering the significant size of the Walltastic wall murals, the price of this decorating product is unbeatable. Walltastic is popular among parents seeking an affordable and convenient means of decorating their baby room, play room, school, childcare centre or nursery. The murals measure approximately 2.4m in height and 3m in width. Paste is included for ease of application and detailed instructions.

A diverse range of designs, including circus, jungle, farm animals, whimsical fairies, under the sea, mermaids, horses, football, fairy princess, dinosaurs, to name but a few, you’re sure to find something you will adore! Designs are suited for both boys and girls, with many being unisex, making them the perfect baby shower gift for new parents.

Decorating kids rooms

Decorating kids rooms

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On sale now, browse the extensive range in the Totsntales store, today. Ships within 2 working days! You’ll be decorating in no time and your child’s room will be transformed into the wonderland of their dreams.

Tres x

Storksak Noa Nappy Bags in Leather

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015

Christmas day is fast approaching and I hope you’re all delighting in the festive season’s activities, luscious food and wonderful company. I have some exciting news to share, news that one could have predicted months ago when first landing eyes on the innovative Storksak Noa diaper bag. Although I knew this day would inevitably come, I did not expect it to come, so soon!

I filmed a nappy bag review, featuring the Storksak Noa baby bag earlier in the year and was astounded with the multitude of features this bag comprises in a conveniently light weight, yet spacious internal body. Perhaps the most significant and generally useful inclusion is the mini organiser, which can be viewed in the short video below.

So the big news, the Storksak Noa baby bag is now available in a multitude of styles, including two new luxurious leather options, the ultimate fashion statement for stylish mums. Recently released in a stunning black leather and also a light tan design. This bag is funky, yet retains a minimalistic elegance that will transcend the ever-changing nature of fashion trends.

Secure yours today, or to peruse all the finer details, visit the Totsntales baby boutique.

Storksak Noa Nappy bag SK 6921 1 SK 6921 5 SK 7294 2 SK 7294 3


Till next time,

Tres x

Top 5 Leather Nappy Bags for 2014 & Why I love my Job | Nappy Bags Australia

Thursday, March 19th, 2015

Here at Totsntales we understand the challenge of selecting the most suitable nappy for your lifestyle and we have tried to make the process easier by posting weekly nappy bag video reviews to our YouTube channel. Many parents are now seeking to invest in genuine leather diaper bags and for as little as $200 you can buy a quality designer baby bag that comes with a product warranty for your piece of mind.

Our 5 most popular genuine leather nappy bags for 2014 are as follows:

1. Vanchi Sydney Tan Nappy Bag

2. Storksak Elizabeth Tan Nappy Bag

3. Storksak Sofia Tan Nappy Bag

4. OiOi Black leather hobo Nappy Bag

5. OiOi Tan Slouch Tote Nappy Bag


Vanchi Sydney leather Nappy bag in Tan

Vanchi Sydney leather Nappy bag in Tan

Storksak Elizabeth Baby change bag.

Storksak Elizabeth Baby change bag.

Top 5 most popular nappy bags for 2014.

Top 5 most popular nappy bags for 2014.

Storksak Sofia includes change mat, bottle holder and zippered pouch,

Storksak Sofia includes change mat, bottle holder and zippered pouch,

Storksak Sofia Tan leather nappy bag

Storksak Sofia Tan leather nappy bag

OiOi Black Leather Hobo Nappy Bag

OiOi Black Leather Hobo Nappy Bag

OiOi Leather tan slouch tote baby nappy bag.

OiOi Leather tan slouch tote baby nappy bag.

Why have our customer chosen the above 5 nappy bags as their favourite change bags for 2014? I think the answer lies in the sophisticated internal organisation that each bag offers, not to mention the ample external pockets which are perfect for quick access to personal items. No longer do mums have a need to carry around a baby bag as well as their handbag when out and about with their family. Interestingly the top 5 change bags also look nothing like nappy bags! Instead they look like nappy bags disguised as handbags. Our dedicated manufacturers continue to create gorgeous baby bags and we can’t thank them enough for their commitment and passion which truly shines through in these modern bags for parents.

I love my job because with each nappy bag that gets posted off to one of our lovely mums & dads, I am confident that we are delivering a little piece of happiness. A nappy bag is something that will make life with children somewhat easier and when everything seems too much and nothing is going right – any mum can feel beautiful and fashionable whilst out and about with a designer nappy bag.

Till next time,

Tres x

Top 5 Most Popular Baby Nappy Bags for 2014

Monday, March 9th, 2015

2014 was an exciting year for us here at Totsntales because we have a passion for bringing fashionable and functional changing bags to mums all over Australia. So why was 2014 so special for us? Well it saw the release of some of our most gorgeous new nappy bag designs that we were then able to offer our much loved customers who backed up our love for these designs by making them our most popular diaper bags styles for 2014.

Here are our top 5 most popular nappy bags for 2014 -

* OiOi Faux Carryall Nappy Bag

oioi carryall nappy bag

oioi carryall nappy bag

* Babymel Cara Navy Stripe Nappy Bag

Babymel cara navy nappy bag

* Storksak Bobby black Nappy Bag

Storksak bobby black nappy bag

Storksak bobby black nappy bag

* Vanchi Victoria Tan Nappy Bag

Vanchi Victoria baby nappy bag

Vanchi Victoria baby nappy bag

* Storksak Sofia Tan Changing Bag

Storksak Sofia Leather changing bag

Storksak Sofia Leather changing bag

I think this list is testament to the quality that each of the respective manufacturers produces on a consistent basis. Not only that but each nappy bag brand offers a warranty and backs up that warranty promptly and without any fuss. 2014 also saw us remove one or two nappy bag brands from our range, because they simply would not back up their warranties and left us and our customers without a satisfactory solution to issues that arose with their nappy bags. We only stock quality changing bags from manufacturers who offer premium customer service. It’s very misleading for a manufacturer to offer a warranty on a product if they are not going to offer assistance when a problem arises.

Each of the brands in our top 5 also represent great value for money and do not compromise on attention to detail and craftsmanship. Be sure to check out our Youtube channel for nappy bag video reviews on a huge range of leather, PU and nylon diaper bags.

You may like to also visit Totsntales to browse an exclusive range of baby nappy bags that have been carefully selected to only bring you the best of the best. We never compromise on function for style and each changing bag offers generous internal and external organisation and most importantly we offer after sales support if you have any questions relating to your purchase.

Till next time,

Tres x

OiOi Carryall Review | Nappy Bags Australia

Monday, March 2nd, 2015

This week Totsntales reviewed the ever popular OiOi carryall diaper bag and what we found was a revolutionary nappy bag design. A unique design that features sophisticated organisation both internally and externally. The most useful feature of this designer changing bag is probably the 2 large compartments which ultimately allows you to organise all your baby items, separating the food, from the clean clothes etc. Let’s not forget to mention, style –  this nappy bag oozes style and is available in all the colours of the rainbow. Truly, there is a colour to suit all tastes!

OiOi carryall review findings:
* 12 colour options – this video review features the turquoise, mustard, pink and green faux buffalo designs.
* 12 month OiOi warranty for your peace of mind – we only stock quality nappy bag brands from manufacturers who back up their warranties, OiOi honours their warranty and resolves any issues promptly.
* 2 main compartments that separate the bag and help create one super organised mum and dad!
* A plentiful supply of smaller pockets which are super handy for all your smaller items, keys etc.
* Made from a luxurious, soft and buttery faux leather.
* Perfect for parents of 1-2 children – a spacious nappy bag with great organisation.
* Compartments allow for separation of dirty clothes, food and toys etc.
* OiOi also includes an insulated bottle holder, padded change mat and 2 wipes cases.
* Stroller straps included – easy to attach to pram as shown in video review.

OiOi carryalls available in 12 gorgeous colours!

OiOi carryalls available in 12 gorgeous colours!

NB-OIOI-6555-1 OiOi-PWDR-BLU-FAUX-LZRD1 oioi6556turq3

A recent customer review for the OiOi carryall:

“I love my OiOi nappy bag and have been using it now for 2 years. It still looks amazing and I couldn’t imagine, what travelling with my little family would be like, without this bag!”

Our customers love the OiOi carry all turquoise faux buffalo so much so that we often completely sell out of stock. If you have your eye on one of these diaper bags, snap it up quickly as stock can sometimes be unavailable for 2-3 months at a time.

Find our more about the OiOi carryall baby bags online at Totsntales.

View one of the biggest range of nappy bags in Australia.

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Till next time,

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Vanchi Victoria Shopper Review | Nappy Bags Australia

Thursday, February 26th, 2015

Recently Totsntales conducted a nappy bag review on the Vanchi Victoria Shopper changing bag. Overall we discovered that this designer diaper bag is very spacious and a suitable nappy bag for parents of twins or multiple children. For mums that like to pack everything into their nappy bag but have only one child, this substantial baby bag is also well worth your consideration.

Not only is this nappy bag very spacious but it is also offers highly sophisticated organisation which we have come to expect of Australian nappy bag designer, Vanchi. Vanchi nappy bags offer parents great value for money, yet they never compromise on style or functionality.

A recent customer review that we received for the Vanchi Victoria shopper in tan:

“I love my new baby bag. I never find myself digging around in the bag trying to locate the nappies, clothing, food, bottles etc. The mummy pouch is fantastic and my saviour when I need to change baby’s nappy in a hurry! I also like that this bag looks more like a handbag than a nappy bag – I receive flattering comments whenever I venture out with this bag.”

Unique features to note for this baby changing bag:

* Mummy Pouch – a large zippered compartment, which conveniently separates the bag into 2 large compartments
* Lots of internal elasticised pockets and external zippered/magnetic closure pockets
* Signature Vanchi dummy key chain
* 12 month warranty
* Padded change mat, dummy pouch, insulated bottle holder, wipes case.

Currently Totsntales has a Vanchi nappy bag sale at the moment, so be sure to check out the full range today.

Find our more about the Vanchi Victoria baby nappy bag online at Totsntales.

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Storksak bobby baby nappy bag review | Nappy Bags Australia

Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

The recent Totsntales nappy bag review featured the ever popular and dynamic Storksak Bobby baby changing bag. To summarise the most attractive features of this baby bag:

* A large diaper bag yet still light enough in weight to be practical (weighs approximately 1.1kg)
* Exterior fabric is a tough quilted nylon – hard wearing and wipeable, as is the internal lining.
* Silver hardware which contrasts nicely with the bold colours available in this design (magenta, navy, charcoal, black, cappuccino)
* Customer reviews rave about the unique & large ‘Food and Bottle’ bag which is insulated and keeps warm or cool for put to 4 hours!
* A change mat and dummy pouch – makes for an organised mum when out and about.
* Built in stroller straps and an adjustable shoulder strap. Please see video for details on how to use when attaching to your baby’s pram.
* Handbag wearing option – for your added comfort featuring padded handles for over the shoulder.
This diaper bag is one of our best selling Storksak branded changing bags and it is available in charcoal, navy, magenta, putty and cappuccino.

Storksak Bobby nappy bag - lightweight, economical and sufficiently spacious.

SK-BOBBY-MGNTA-NPPY2 Storksak-Bobby-Black 3 Storksak-Bobby-Black 4

Find out more about the Storksak bobby nappy bag online now from the Totsntales online baby nappy bag store.

View one of the biggest range of baby nappy bags in the world – only quality brands that back their customer warranties are stocked in this baby store.

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Cherry blossom customised wall decals | Wall Stickers Australia

Saturday, February 14th, 2015

If you’re searching for a vibrant and timeless room theme for your little girl’s room, have you considered a cherry blossom wall decal? The reason I ask is because Totsntales offers a completely customisable cherry blossom wall sticker. This designer wall art will not date in your child’s room, in fact this wall sticker proudly sits on the walls of teenagers, offices and even lounge rooms!

WC-CHERRY-BLOSSOM-ROOM-2 WALL-CRAFT-colour-chart dark-brown-fuschia-ethereal-blue brown-opaline-green-white

wall stickers, wall decals

Wall Craft Designer cherry blossom wall art

I think one of the reasons that makes this decal so popular among customers lies in the flexibility of choosing your own colours and also being available in a large and small size means that it suits most budgets and spaces.

Check out the Totsntales Pinterest page for a collage of previous happy customer design requests. I find this page extremely inspiring and get so many decorating ideas for my kids rooms. If you’d like to see how the Wall Craft cherry blossom decor looks when it’s been printed and about to be sent off to it’s new home, check out our latest wall sticker review video.

This removable and reusable wall decal is available in a large and small size with measurements being:

Small: Whole Visual Dimension 110H X 190W (CM)
Large: Whole Visual Dimension 220H X 380W (CM)

If you would like to view this popular decorating product for girl’s rooms and nurseries check out the Totsntales online boutique:

If this isn’t quite what you’re looking for or if you’d like more inspiration for your kid’s room decorating projects, view a select range of quality wall decals.

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Jungle Animal Wall Stickers for Baby Nursery | Wall Stickers Australia

Saturday, February 7th, 2015

Our Wall Craft jungle animal wall stickers are immensely popular among parents who are looking for a unique and unisex theme for their baby’s nursery or kids room. Recently we produced a video which gives you more of an idea of what this product looks like in real life:

What sets this jungle wall decal set apart from other products on the market?

* The animal decals are all individually cut and can be placed wherever you wish on your wall

* These are large wall stickers and I think the video review shows this most clearly however to give you some idea of their size: Giraffe 74cm tall x 41cm wide, Elephant 38cm tall x 49cm wide, Tiger 12cm tall x 13cm wide

Animal wall stickers for baby room

Animal wall stickers for baby room


* The Wall Craft fabric wall sticker range is BPA and PVC free – eco-friendly

* Australian made – support Aussie business & receive a premium quality product in return

* This designer wall decal is available in 3 colour ways to suit boys, girls and unisex nursery room themes

* Decorating has never been easier, simply peel and stick with the extra bonus of these decals being not only removable (without damaging your walls) but reusable! Yes that’s right, if you change your mind you can simply peel them off and re-position them wherever you wish. Great for renters looking to decorate their children’s rooms or for parents who just like to change their minds!

* Affordable – this sets features many large elements and retails for $59.95

  • 2 orangutans
  • 1 toucan
  • 1 tiger cub
  • 1 elephant
  • 1 giraffe
  • 1 hippo
  • 1 zebra
  • 5 bunches of grass

I hope you have enjoyed this wall sticker review and if you’d like more information about the Wall Craft Jungle animals decals simply click here or to browse the entire Wall craft fabric wall decor range please click here. Wall Craft is exclusively available from Totsntales online baby boutique.

Till next time,

Tres x

MOR “My Summer of Love” Gift Pack Give Away

Friday, March 5th, 2010

After nearly 6 months of bringing you the MOR cosmetics range in our online boutique and seeing just how popular it is with everyone of all ages, we feel it’s time to give some back to you!

MOR cosmetics

We have a special closet for our MOR cosmetics range and the divine fragrances that drift out of the door when we’re packing your orders makes me feel so warm and happy. It’s a unique cosmetics range, bringing together yummy fragrances such as the classic Marshmallow, gardenia, blood orange, belladonna and infusing these into luxurious body butters, candles, perfumes, lip balms and soaps.

Blood orange MOR soap

Perhaps the most stunning feature of the MOR cosmetics range is the exquisite packaging that goes into each and every product. The signature gold stamp, the bows and the trademark bold colours with splashes of gold and silver.

MOR is perfectly suited and adored by people of all ages and I will always remeber the day when one of our more senior customers said that the Marshmallow fragrance reminded her of candy and brought back fond memories of her childhood.

What can you win?

Classic Collection Gift Pack (pictured below) Featuring a Collectible Tin with Full Size:
- Cucumber and Casaba Triple-Milled Soap 200g
- Lychee Flower Lip Delight 10g
- Marshmallow Hand Cream 125ml

MOR summer-of-love

MOR My Summer of Love Gift pack Give Away

It’s give away time! Tell us what you like about MOR cosmetics by leaving a comment below this post or for Facebook fans you can leave a comment below the MOR posting (posted 5/3/10). Is it the divine packaging or the invigorating fragrances? Perhaps it’s the luxurious texture inherent in the body butters and the lip balms? Do you have a favourite product, a favourite fragrance? What will you do with the MOR cosmetics Summer of Love gift pack if you win this competition? The winner will be selected at random, contest closes on Sunday the 14/3/2010 at 9pm AEST. Please note the prize will only be shipped within Australia.

Updated 16/3/2010

Thank you to everyone who participated in the MOR summer of Love Give away.

Congratulations to Ross who one the gift pack!

We’ll be having more give aways soon, so please check back regularly or simply become a fan of Totsntales on Facebook by clicking here to receive instant updates for our Give aways, discount coupons and specials!