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Storksak Poppy Changing Bag is in the top 10 | Baby Bags Australia

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

The Storksak Poppy baby changing bag is currently in our top 10 most popular nappy bag styles for 2015! We filmed a nappy bag review of the Storksak Poppy bag and you can clearly see why it is so popular with mums all over the world!

Stylish, versatile and convenient is the Storksak Poppy Baby Change Bag

Stylish, versatile and convenient is the Storksak Poppy Baby Change Bag


Unique to this designer baby bag is its offering of easy access to all internal points of the bag. This change bag is not overly deep and yet the generous width ensures you will still have ample space to fit in all of your essential baby and personal items. Let’s not forget the versatility of this nappy bag to transform effortlessly from shoulder bag, handbag to backpack! The adjustable and detachable shoulder strap allows this bag to be transformed into a backpack by simply threading the shoulder strap through the buckles on the back of the change bag as explained in the recent Totsntales video review of this bag.

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Storksak bobby baby nappy bag review | Nappy Bags Australia

Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

The recent Totsntales nappy bag review featured the ever popular and dynamic Storksak Bobby baby changing bag. To summarise the most attractive features of this baby bag:

* A large diaper bag yet still light enough in weight to be practical (weighs approximately 1.1kg)
* Exterior fabric is a tough quilted nylon – hard wearing and wipeable, as is the internal lining.
* Silver hardware which contrasts nicely with the bold colours available in this design (magenta, navy, charcoal, black, cappuccino)
* Customer reviews rave about the unique & large ‘Food and Bottle’ bag which is insulated and keeps warm or cool for put to 4 hours!
* A change mat and dummy pouch – makes for an organised mum when out and about.
* Built in stroller straps and an adjustable shoulder strap. Please see video for details on how to use when attaching to your baby’s pram.
* Handbag wearing option – for your added comfort featuring padded handles for over the shoulder.
This diaper bag is one of our best selling Storksak branded changing bags and it is available in charcoal, navy, magenta, putty and cappuccino.

Storksak Bobby nappy bag - lightweight, economical and sufficiently spacious.

SK-BOBBY-MGNTA-NPPY2 Storksak-Bobby-Black 3 Storksak-Bobby-Black 4

Find out more about the Storksak bobby nappy bag online now from the Totsntales online baby nappy bag store.

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Why You’ll Love The Storksak Sofia Nappy Bag

Thursday, March 6th, 2014


The Sofia is one of Storksak’s most exclusive styles. The Storksak Sofia is made from soft-twisted leather which is hard-wearing and has a soft, sumptuous feeling. The Sofia is treated to have a vintage feel, and with its antique, and gold hardware. It is as eye catching as it is functional.

The Storksak Sofia is made from beautifully soft leather in hard wearing finish. It has a chunky brushed metal hardware that results in an antique, vintage look. If vintage bag is your style, then you’ll definitely love The Storksak Sofia.


On the outside, the bag has 2 pockets that are big enough to put a change of clothes for my baby. It has about five external magnetic compartments. On the inside, the main compartment size is excellent as it doesn’t have anything to clog it up. I was surprised that it is large enough to carry my 15″ laptop. It is surrounded with ten internal pockets which let you organize things easily in your bag. The back of the bag has a strong and secured zippered pockets to keep your valuables safe.

Storksak Sofia comes with a thermo-insulated bottle holder than can keep fluids warm or cool for up to 5 hours. A zippered pouch to hold isolate dirty items. It also comes with a wipe-clean padded changing mat that has a Velcro tab.

Storksak Sofia comes with a thermo-insulated bottle holder than can keep fluids warm or cool for up to 5 hours. A zippered pouch to hold isolate dirty items. It also comes with a wipe-clean padded changing mat that has a Velcro tab.

What I love about this bag:

  • I like the fact that it doesn’t scream: “diaper bag!” everywhere and doesn’t look all too feminine.
  • The bag is so versatile. In fact, it doesn’t look like a diaper bag at all. I can use it as a diaper bag, as a carry-on while traveling, or when going to work.
  • It is wider than most diaper bags. Its width helps the bag to not tip over unlike thin bags that easily topple when placed on the table.
  • I also like that it has a lot of space for tiny items like phones, keys, planner, etc. It keeps everything in place and within easy reach. I don’t have to dig deep for these small items as it is conveniently placed where I need them.
  • Sofia comes with a lot of accessories. I love the changing mat because it has the right size and softness for my 6-month-old child.

Smart, chic, and very functional. This is what I first thought when I saw this designer nappy bag, and I wasn’t wrong. I can use the bag as my usual nappy bag but when I’m out and about on my own like when seeing friends or going to work, I can still use this bag and nobody will notice it’s a nappy bag.

Storksak Sofia is available in soft black, tan, stone, and taupe leather.

Overall, the bag smells good, luxurious, and has a thoughtful design. Quality is excellent and the compartments are convenient for all your baby’s needs. It might not be as elegant as the Nova Harley and might not be as cheap as the Carmelina Jewel, but this bag is exquisite in both style and functionality. I recommend these stroller clips along with this bag if you use strollers often.

If you don’t like nappy bags with external compartments, then I recommend Storksak Elizabeth.

Latest Storksak Nappy Bags Up for Grabs

Sunday, December 15th, 2013

Storksak nappy bags are one of the most sought after fashion accessory for moms out there. If you haven’t heard of this brand, then you are missing out on the best of fashionable and functional products for parents. Still using that lame, old bag? Breathe into a new life and define the meaning of mom fashion through Storksak nappy bags.

Just take a look at Storksak Aubrey Unisex Messenger bag:

The Aubrey is a stylish messenger bag that even dads would love to use. The unisex messenger comes with an adjustable strap, has 2 large outer pockets and lots of inner pockets, contains a thermo-insulated bottle holder, a padded changing mat with detachable sack, and a messenger sack designed to fit most laptops.


This Bobby nappy bag on the other hand, is a lightweight, yet spacious bag made from quilted nylon and finished with cool silver hardware. Gorgeous on the outside, and cleverly designed on the inside. The bag is equipped with a changing mat, a bottle holder, and a matching pacifier case with eight organizer compartments.

Other things you’ll find interesting about this bag are:

  • Hidden food and bottle bag
  • Adjustable cross-body strap with patent pending Strollerstraps for attaching the bag to the stroller
  • Wipe clean linings.

You just can’t define elegance with Storksak Kate Patent Chalk Leather Nappy bag. Who would have thought that this is a Nappy bag and not your fashion bag.


Kate is a fashionable nappy bag is made form crinkled Polyurethane (PU) and real leather trimmed with chunky hardware. The bag has multiple innter pockets, chunky silver rings and hardware with adjustable strap and comes with a thermo-insulated bottle holder to keep liquids from getting cold. The bag also has a padded changing mat and wipe-clean linings.

Storksak bags are bags made for both fashion and function. If you can’t resist using nappy bags that sacrifices fashion with function, then these bags are for you. But hurry, ’cause discounts won’t last forever.

View TotsnTales Storksak collection here.


Designer Changing Bags: Storksak Nappy Bags

Friday, October 25th, 2013

What do Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Liv Tyler, and Julia Roberts have in common? They are mums who know what it means to have nappy bag that meet the demands of both the baby, and the mum – Storksak nappy bags.

Storksak creates a statement by creating highly functional baby bags that don’t sacrifice beauty.  Storksak has become one of the most sought after accessories for parents who hunger for fashion. Any mum can get drawn by the looks of these modern nappy bags, but are they functional?





Each bag has generous compartments on the outside and also on the inside. The pockets are stretchable. You won’t worry about fitting large items in the pocket and it won’t sag. The inside of the bag also has stretchable pockets to organize your items with ease. It’s like Storksak knows what parents actually need in a baby bag.

What makes Storksak bags simply irresistible? Their inspiration comes from the essential style and accessories that meet the requirements of fashion conscious parents. It is great for parents who are always on the go and don’t have the time to change from a nappy bag to an office or shopping bag.

Storsak_black Storsak_Elizabeth_Blackstorsak babby black

So, what makes Storksak more than just a parent bag? It’s design. Storksak bags are highly functional yet don’t sacrifice your own sense of fashion, in fact, they even build one.  The designs are a masterpiece made from mixing technology and modern designs; thus creating a bag you can use everyday regardless if you have children or not. Even Hollywood Dad’s are getting on board! See Brad Pitt wearing one of Storksak’s finest bags below (Storksak Jamie Black):


Storksak bags are made from the finest materials and crafted in unmatched quality.

If you hate the obvious look of a baby bag and is longing for a reliable nappy bag that is spacious enough to fit all your baby’s essentials, this bag is for you.

All Storksak bags are created by the co-owner, Melanie Marshall in-house. These bags are made from the finest fabrics and leathers selected out of durability and style. Storksak was established in 2003 with an aim to provide functional bags that are exceptionally stylish, and they haven’t failed.

 Take a look at our Storksak collection.

New Storksak and Babymel nappy bags in stock!

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

We are pleased to announce that the new range of Storksak and Babymel have arrived and are already proving to be a popular choice amongst our customers. In addition to the new bags, we have also added the deluxe Storksak Leather nappy bags in the Emily and Elizabeth styles.

Previews of the new bags and Storksak Emily and Elizabeth leather nappy bags can be seen below.

For more information on each bag, please visit our online shop. Links to our Storksak and Babymel pages are below:

Storksak Nappy Bags at Tots n Tales

Babymel Nappy Bags at Tots n Tales

Babymel Amanda Quilted Moss Nappy Bag:

Babymel Amanda Quilted Moss Nappy Bag

Babymel Big Slouchy Black Nappy Bag:

Babymel Big Slouchy Black

Babymel Big Slouchy Olive Nappy Bag:

Babymel Big Slouchy Olive

Babymel Big Slouchy Red Nappy Bag:

Babymel Big Slouchy Red

Storksak Aubrey Black Nappy Bag:

Storksak Aubrey Black

Storksak Jools Black Nappy Bag:

Storksak Jools Black

Storksak Olivia Moss Nappy Bag:

Storksak Olivia Moss

Storksak Sofia Tan Leather Nappy Bag:

Storksak Sofia Tan Leather Nappy Bag

Storksak Elizabeth Black Leather Nappy Bag:

Storksak Elizabeth Black Leather Nappy Bag

Storksak Elizabeth Black Quilted Nappy Bag:

Storksak Elizabeth Black Quilted Nappy Bag

Storksak Elizabeth Fawn Quilted Nappy Bag:

Storksak Elizabeth Fawn Quilted

Storksak Emily Leather Chocolate Nappy Bag:

Storksak Emily Leather Chocolate Nappy Bag

Storksak Emily Leather Taupe Nappy Bag:

Storksak Emily Leather Taupe Nappy Bag

New Season Storksak Nappy Bags!

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Just arrived this week are a brand new range of Storksak Nappy Bags. These new designs are stunning! Check them out below and in our online store here:

Storksak Elizabeth Red Leather:

Storksak Elizabeth Chocolate Leather:

Storksak Dori Chalk / Tan:

Storksak Jess Black:

Storksak Jess White:

Storksak Jess Red:

Storksak Nappy / Diaper Bags now available!

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

We are thrilled to announce that we have the highly fashionable Storksak Nappy / Diaper Bags available now in our online store!

Storksak nappy bags (also know as diaper bags or baby bags) are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their functionality and fashionable status.

Their use by Hollywood’s A-list Mum and Dads has also not gone unnoticed. Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Liv Tyler, Jessica Alba (seen below with her Dori Black) and Julia Roberts have all been spotted with Storksak Diaper Bags.

Angelina Jolie has been photographed with both the Emily and Gigi styles (see below).

Popular styles include the Emily, Dori, Claire, Gigi, Julie and Elizabeth for women, whilst the Jamie bag has become popular as it is a unisex bag, hence it’s Brad Pitt’s Choice (see below).

The bags come in a range of styles: from backpack to handbag to shoulder bag styles. Each bag comes with thermo-insulated bottle holder(s), a change mat and numerous storage pockets.

Storksak was established in 2003 with the aim of designing fashionable and functional products for parents.

Our Storksak’s range in price from $170 to $400

Click here to view our full range of Storksak Nappy Bags.