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Skip Hop duo deluxe baby nappy bag- perfect for travelling with or without baby!

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

The Skip Hop duo deluxe range features a multitude of pockets and compartments so you’ll always have space for your belongings, your baby’s and ofcourse your 2 year olds odds and ends. The colour range is extensive and there is something to suit everyone including “petal pink” for the ladies, “blue camo” for dads and the more neutral designs such as black, red and ocean stripe.

“The design’s not too feminine and my husband doesn’t mind carrying this on his own. The strap is also quite comfortable and hangs nicely on the stroller handle.” Skip Hop duo deluxe customer review

Skip hop duo deluxe blackSkip hop duo deluxe Blue camoSkip Hop Duo Deluxe soho stripe

Our customers are enjoying the Skip Hop range and keep telling us how versatile and comfortable the duo deluxe design is. We can see that it isn’t an overly bulky or large bag and therefore suits both smaller and larger framed women ideally. In saying that however, you’re always find new compartments and there’s plenty of space for all your belongings. Some of our customers have puchased the duo deluxe as a travelling bag, they didn’t have a baby, instead they wanted a bag that would keep their drinks cool, fit their phone and other belongings in an organised and fashionable way. The duo deluxe may be your answer!

Skip hop duo deluxe example of stroller clips

Customer reviews of the Skip Hop duo deluxe baby nappy bag:

“This may be the best bag I’ve ever owned. I recently traveled by plane and found it was large enough to accommodate my 13″ laptop, seven extra diapers + wipes (never know how long you’re going to be stuck in the airport), two books (one for me, one for my husband), and various other items, all without making the bag bulky (though yes, it was heavy, as you can imagine). Yet, the bag is somehow compact enough that I can use it around town *without* all of those items, and it doesn’t look like I’m carrying a giant empty bag around.”

“Perhaps my favorite feature are the two front pockets, miraculously large enough to easily slip a sippy cup in and out of (but, when empty, look just as they do in the picture), thus keeping it upright and spill-free. I also love the two zippered pockets at the top of the bag (I keep my wallet in one of them). I don’t use my stroller much anymore (my son is 2 1/2), but I do use the stroller clips on the cart handle at the grocery store. I *love* not having to carry my bag around and having easy access to sippy cups, snacks, etc. that my son may want.”

Skip hop duo deluxe lifestyle photo

“The Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Uptown is everything I have been looking for in a nappy bag. It is stylish AND convenient. I have an infant and a toddler, and there’s room for both their stuff. The water bottle net on the side is perfect for mommy’s drink but it can also adjust to fit a sippy cup, the mobile phone pocket is big enough for my smartphone, the changing pad is long enough for my toddler – I could go on and on. All the things that frustrated me in other bags are addressed with this one, and the fact that it snaps right onto the stroller made it perfect because my infant seat makes accessing the basket under the stroller impossible. So settle down for a long-term relationship with this nappy bag; this is THE BAG to own especially if you have two!!”