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Walltastic wall art, affordable nursery decorating!

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Walltastic focusses on producing premier decorating products for children’s rooms and nurseries. Hot off the press, the latest range is colourful, easy to apply and makes for an affordable bedroom feature piece, sure to add an instant wow factor to any child’s space. Walltastic wall murals stand out from other similar decorating products, the art is significantly large in size, so as to be impressive and economical. Whether you’re wanting to transform, personalise or add a touch of fantasy to your child’s space, Walltastic has a design option to suit all tastes and intents.

Considering the significant size of the Walltastic wall murals, the price of this decorating product is unbeatable. Walltastic is popular among parents seeking an affordable and convenient means of decorating their baby room, play room, school, childcare centre or nursery. The murals measure approximately 2.4m in height and 3m in width. Paste is included for ease of application and detailed instructions.

A diverse range of designs, including circus, jungle, farm animals, whimsical fairies, under the sea, mermaids, horses, football, fairy princess, dinosaurs, to name but a few, you’re sure to find something you will adore! Designs are suited for both boys and girls, with many being unisex, making them the perfect baby shower gift for new parents.

Decorating kids rooms

Decorating kids rooms

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On sale now, browse the extensive range in the Totsntales store, today. Ships within 2 working days! You’ll be decorating in no time and your child’s room will be transformed into the wonderland of their dreams.

Tres x

Jungle Animal Wall Stickers for Baby Nursery | Wall Stickers Australia

Saturday, February 7th, 2015

Our Wall Craft jungle animal wall stickers are immensely popular among parents who are looking for a unique and unisex theme for their baby’s nursery or kids room. Recently we produced a video which gives you more of an idea of what this product looks like in real life:

What sets this jungle wall decal set apart from other products on the market?

* The animal decals are all individually cut and can be placed wherever you wish on your wall

* These are large wall stickers and I think the video review shows this most clearly however to give you some idea of their size: Giraffe 74cm tall x 41cm wide, Elephant 38cm tall x 49cm wide, Tiger 12cm tall x 13cm wide

Animal wall stickers for baby room

Animal wall stickers for baby room


* The Wall Craft fabric wall sticker range is BPA and PVC free – eco-friendly

* Australian made – support Aussie business & receive a premium quality product in return

* This designer wall decal is available in 3 colour ways to suit boys, girls and unisex nursery room themes

* Decorating has never been easier, simply peel and stick with the extra bonus of these decals being not only removable (without damaging your walls) but reusable! Yes that’s right, if you change your mind you can simply peel them off and re-position them wherever you wish. Great for renters looking to decorate their children’s rooms or for parents who just like to change their minds!

* Affordable – this sets features many large elements and retails for $59.95

  • 2 orangutans
  • 1 toucan
  • 1 tiger cub
  • 1 elephant
  • 1 giraffe
  • 1 hippo
  • 1 zebra
  • 5 bunches of grass

I hope you have enjoyed this wall sticker review and if you’d like more information about the Wall Craft Jungle animals decals simply click here or to browse the entire Wall craft fabric wall decor range please click here. Wall Craft is exclusively available from Totsntales online baby boutique.

Till next time,

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Tips on creating a modern baby nursery

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Over the past few years we have noticed a trend toward parents purchasing modern decor to create their ultimate baby space. Modern nurseries are often simple, sustainable, gender/colour neutral, flexible, efficient, child friendly and inspire children’s imaginations.

Here is a simple checklist you can use when creating your modern nursery.

1. Set a budget- note down all the essential items you will need for your baby, including items such as the cot, change table, drawers, nappies, bassinet, bath, pram etc. Once you have budgeted for these items you can then start working on your budget for the nursery decorating. It’s a great idea to be browsing magazines, blogs and websites etc for ideas and keep a folder or note pad to jot down your ideas. I have included some great nursery decorating resources at the end of this page.

2. Get organised early- it’s a good idea to begin sourcing where you will purchase your nursery items relatively early to mid way through your pregnancy. Some items may need to be ordered in or custom made and this can typically take 1-3 months in some cases for items ranging from wooden baby names, wall decals up to your essential goods such as furniture. The other benefit in sourcing your supplies early rather than later is that you may be able to shop around for the best price and snag a bargain at a sale.

3. Keep it simple- it’s important to keep in mind when creating your modern nursery that this space should feel like a calming and safe place to your baby. Shapes of furniture and other items should be simple with natural curves and lines, nothing overly flamboyant. Keep the colours neutral, natural tones are perfect. Some of our customers have created amazing nurseries using colours such as beige, which will progressively be livened up with your baby’s toys, floor rug, bedding and wall decals etc. The photo below shows how a neutral backdrop has the effect of highlighting the items used to decorate the nursery in this instance the white furniture, books, toys and wall decals. This wall decal is perfect for modern nurseries as it customisable (choose your own colours to match your nursery colour palette), gender neutral (can be re-used for your next baby or evolve into a kids room), flexible (removable if you wish to re-design the room), adaptable (the branches can be transformed into shelves, saving space- purchase these from Ikea). You can find out more information or buy this wall decal by clicking here.

Tree shelf wall decals

Use this tree shelf decal to decorate your nursery


4. Use some bright colours- bright colours will add interest to the nursery. Items such as toys, floor rugs, wall decals, clocks and even furniture can add a pop of colour. White furniture on a darker contrasted wall looks terrific and if you prefer brown furniture use a lighter colour on your wall to make it stand out. Customisable wall stickers are readily available and you really should invest some time into thinking about the colours you would like in your nursery. Choosing your bedding and items which are not customisable first may be a good option as wall stickers in most instances can be customised to match your bedding and wall colours. As the image below shows, bright dot decals are the ultimate in adding some instant colour.

Bright dot wall decals

Dot wall decals can add a splash of colour to any kids room.


5. Saving space- select decorating and furniture items with a view to creating an open space. For example if you are limited for space, when selecting your furniture instead of purchasing a change table plus a separate set of drawers, choose a change table that already has a built in set of drawers underneath. As shown below.

Baby change table

6. Re-use- Modern spaces should reflect modern goals and sustainability, the re-usability of items is key in the nursery. Select gender neutral colours and the space will be perfect if you decide to welcome a baby boy or girl to the nursery in the future. Some furniture can be re-used for example source a cot that can convert into a toddler bed, saving the need to purchase unnecessary furniture down the track. Other reusable purchases may include your designer nappy bag which can often convert into your favourite handbag once you no longer need to carry about your baby items. Movable wall stickers are a fantastic sustainable option and they can be re-used over and over without losing efficacy. Similarly supporting ecofriendly products such as fabric wall stickers instead of PVC vinyl decals will go a great way to fulfilling the long term goals of a modern nursery. Reusable cloth nappies are fantastic too!

7. Child friendly- modern nurseries should showcase items that are child friendly and usable. With the aim of encouraging exploration and inspiring the imagination. Interactive wall decals are a great way for a child to explore art and learn visually. Alphabet wall decals are educational and make a bold statement in the modern nursery and kids room.

8. Themes can be limiting- avoid creating a nursery around an overpowering theme such a licensed character. Instead allow your baby to develop their own tastes as their modern nursery inspires their imagination and encourages their independence. Some popular themes can be found by clicking here.

9. Personalise the nursery- it is so easy to personalise your baby’s space with customisable name wall stickers and wooden names. For as little as $49.95 you can add your child’s name to their wall as a wall sticker, in your choice of colours and fonts. Painted wooden names can be ordered for as little as $29.99 depending on the length of the name.

Some inspiration for your nursery project:

Tree wall decor

Tree wall stickers for the home or office

Bird cage wall stickers

Birdcage wall stickers can be customised to suit your home decor.

Owl wall stickers

Owl wall stickers are customisable to suit all nurseries.

Woodland tree decor

Woodland wall stickers for kids rooms available in 4 designs


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