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Walltastic wall art, affordable nursery decorating!

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Walltastic focusses on producing premier decorating products for children’s rooms and nurseries. Hot off the press, the latest range is colourful, easy to apply and makes for an affordable bedroom feature piece, sure to add an instant wow factor to any child’s space. Walltastic wall murals stand out from other similar decorating products, the art is significantly large in size, so as to be impressive and economical. Whether you’re wanting to transform, personalise or add a touch of fantasy to your child’s space, Walltastic has a design option to suit all tastes and intents.

Considering the significant size of the Walltastic wall murals, the price of this decorating product is unbeatable. Walltastic is popular among parents seeking an affordable and convenient means of decorating their baby room, play room, school, childcare centre or nursery. The murals measure approximately 2.4m in height and 3m in width. Paste is included for ease of application and detailed instructions.

A diverse range of designs, including circus, jungle, farm animals, whimsical fairies, under the sea, mermaids, horses, football, fairy princess, dinosaurs, to name but a few, you’re sure to find something you will adore! Designs are suited for both boys and girls, with many being unisex, making them the perfect baby shower gift for new parents.

Decorating kids rooms

Decorating kids rooms

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On sale now, browse the extensive range in the Totsntales store, today. Ships within 2 working days! You’ll be decorating in no time and your child’s room will be transformed into the wonderland of their dreams.

Tres x

5 Fun DIY Nursery Wall Art Ideas

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

This week, we looked all over the web to find beautiful and completely doable DIY nursery wall art ideas to decorate in your kid’s room. So, if you are running out of ideas or just can’t seem to figure out what is missing, maybe these wall art ideas might inspire you.


Melted Crayon Art



A bunch of crayons and a canvas are all you need to build this masterpiece.


A melted crayon art is a simple, fun, and easy DIY project that almost anyone can make. All you need are the following:

  • blank canvas
  • crayons
  • hot glue
  • hair dryer

Sort the crayons out, place it on your canvas using a hot glue, then melt it with a hair dryer. And viola! A masterpiece done in minutes!



Decoupage Tree


Tear your way to creativity. You don't need to be too creative to create a decoupae tree.

Tear your way to creativity. You don’t need to be too creative to create a decoupage tree.

If you can tear a paper then you can make a Decoupage Tree. Here’s what you need:

  • glue
  • scrapbook paper
  • paintbrush
  • ladder
  • scissors
  • paper bowl or plate

Go to your local craft store and look for scrapbook papers that can be coordinated in your baby’s room. Then using these papers, create a tree from a template, or draw a tree on the wall. If you’re adventurous, let your creative mood flow by crafting a tree directly on the wall . Use a scissor to cut a limb, but, you can also tear the paper apart for a more natural look. Then, using a glue and a paintbrush paint the back of your tree and stick it to the wall. Once the tree is complete, you can add leaves, flowers, or other stuffs to suit your liking.



Fabric Wall Art


The easiest wall art you can do that results in maximum style factor. What's your excuse?

The easiest wall art you can do that results in maximum style factor. What’s your excuse?


A project that has minimal effort but rewards you with maximum style is this fabric wall art. All you need to do is pick the best patterned fabric to go along with your room’s decoration, stretch it to the frame, and you got yourself an art.



Game Board Storage Art



A whole new level of play and display.

A whole new level of play and display.


Is your game box collection a mess? Easy. Just frame it then put it to your kid’s room. This works as both a game board storage and a piece of art. To achieve such a piece, all you need is the following:

  • wood boards for the frame
  • game board of your choice

Using the wood boards, create a frame for your chosen game board. Then place your game board into the wood boards to make it look as if it was framed. Store game board pieces at the back to make it readily available for play.



Matchbox Car Wall Art


Tripping over toy cars? Stucked in the nook and crannies in the house? This is the ultimate solution.

Tripping over toy cars? Stucked in the nook and crannies in the house? This is the ultimate solution.


Before you throw away your kid’s toys, try this one for size. You’ll not only organize your kid’s toys and prevent yourself from tipping over these cars for good, you’ll also make a beautiful nursery wall art.

Things you’ll need:

  • matchbox-type toy cars
  • box frame
  • cardboard
  • hot glue gun
  • (optional)nail polish

Arrange the cars in the order you want them. If the cars are in different colors, you can paint it with a nail polish to match the hues you need. Using a hot glue, place the cars into the cardboard then frame it in a box frame.


So there you have it, 5 fun & interesting new ways that we found to decorate a nursery from around the globe. We hope this gives you some inspiration.

Of course, we also have to recommend that you check out our own range of Nursery Wall Art, such as Wall Stickers and Wooden Wall Art, as well as canvas wall art. We have a great range to choose from, and it’s constantly expanding to try and help everyone with their child’s nursery! Happy Decorating!


Top 8 Tips for Designing Your Kid’s Room

Thursday, January 9th, 2014


A bedroom is a great place to relax, and be comforted. As a child, their bedroom is more than that. It is the fortress of their imagination where all their dreams come to life. It is a place where they can express their feelings and just have fun.

The surroundings are also important for the mental and social development of your child. So, if your child have fears of sleeping alone maybe a little room decoration might help. Here are some tips on how to decorate your kid’s bedroom.

First things first, know your child. Know your child’s personality, what they like, and how they want it to be. Also, do take note that your child’s taste could change from time to time so keep an eye on it. What you think will look awesome for your child may not appeal to them. Before you decide to decorate, spend some time watching your son or daughter; observe what they like to play in their bedroom. Or better yet, let your children join the process. Children love to be creative, so let them do it, but guide them along the way.

1. Furnishings: Choose furnishings that will work well regardless of your child’s age. A bed that looks cute for a 7 year old may not be appropriate when they turned 14. Daybeds and oak woods are good furnishings as they can go well with any color and can be used for a child of any age. Remember that when buying furniture, as with a lot of things, the simpler it is, the better.

2. Wall Stickers: Wall stickers are becoming increasingly popular as they are not only affordable but also you can change the pattern whenever you want. It’s like a temporary tattoo for your wall.

No more rooms with plain and boring colors as these wall stickers will spice up your kid’s room. May it be personalized, wall decals, wooden names, animal stickers, or even murals, our wall stickers are sure to inspire your kid’s imagination.

3. Floor Space: As your child grows, he or she will need additional floor space to play with toys and friends. The best way to incorporate space effectively is to buy multi-purpose furnishings. For instance, a sofabed works well as a sofa during the day, allowing more space for playtime, and at night, it functions as a bed.

Also, a rug that can function as a play space can significantly reduce room space as you no longer have to setup a separate play area in the room. Take these IVI 3D play rugs for example. These colorful rugs have etched patterns; thus letting your child engage in  a more creative play compared to conventional rugs.

4. Add Something Unique: Do you want to make your child’s room more memorable? Rather than a growth chart, why not put your child’s handprints on the wall using non-toxic, water-based paint in the wall. Totally unique!

5. Don’t focus on a theme: If your child loves a specific cartoon character, remember that it won’t last forever. Your child’s interest will evolve as they grow up.

6. Allow your child to grow with the design: If your child is younger than their talking age, or you are simply unsure what they want to see in the room, it will be easier to create a room that can change along with your child.

7. Organise belongings close to ground level:  Remember to put your child’s belongings at his level. This is to avoid furniture-climbing disasters and so that he can participate in cleaning his room. Keep books, toys, clothes, and games clearly organized and at his level.

8. Lighting: Be sure to include different kinds of lighting in your kid’s room. Overhead lighting is a necessity but so is a reading light. Night lights will not keep the room lighted when all lights are out and it can also help them find the bathroom in the middle of the night. Also think about natural lighting, such as window placement or skylights.

What other tips could you give for designing your kids room? Please share. :)

Wall Craft Cherry Blossom Tree Wall Decal – Customer Designs

Friday, May 31st, 2013

Just a quick note today to share some of our customer’s wonderful creativity with the our Wall Craft Cherry Blossom Tree Wall Decal.

This sticker has been a popular choice amongst our customers over the past few months, and we thought we would share some of our customer’s colour choices to help inspire others to create their ultimate wall feature with wall stickers.

Below are just a few of the fabulous colour choices from our customers, however we have created a new board over on our Pinterest page with a larger selection of Wall Craft Cherry Blossom Tree sticker designs. You can view the page here: Wall Craft Cherry Blossom Tree Sticker Designs

Our customers constantly inspire us to get creative in our own home, and we hope these designs may give you some inspiration for your home too!

Until next time,

Tots n Tales

Wall Craft Cherry Blossom Wall Sticker In Brown, Fandango Pink and Blue TurquoiseWall Craft Cherry Blossom Wall Sticker In Brown, Lilac and WhiteWall Craft Cherry Blossom Wall Sticker In Midnight Navy, Lake Blue and WhiteWall Craft Cherry Blossom Wall Sticker In Purple Magic, Orchid Bouquet and Lilac

Jungle wall decals for boys and girls

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

We have listened to your requests and we now have  jungle wall sticker designs that will suit boys, girls and unisex room themes. The new designs incorporate bright colours with pinks, blues and neutral tones depending on the desired room gender. Your all time favorite jungle tree remains as is but we have mixed up the colours to make the design suitable for a wider range of rooms.

As with all of our Wall Craft branded wall stickers, you can customise your design. Simply send us an email with your ideas and we will set our designers to work. Proudly an Australian made product, made from premium materials with a special focus on safety and suitability for children.

Our girl’s jungle wall sticker design

Gender neutral jungle wall decals

A unisex jungle wall sticker

Jungle wall decal for boys rooms

Our blue jungle wall sticker design is great for boys rooms

Happy Australia day everyone- we hope you have a good one!

Latest collection of fabric wall decals

Monday, December 17th, 2012

We love our latest collection of farm themed fabric wall decals from Australian artist Barbara Kay. This range consists of a farm theme in bright colors and features an array of happy faces in amongst a diversity of farm life.

This collection has been tediously created initially by hand drawings and then brought to life by Wall Craft, the wall sticker specialists of Australia. Children are loving this design as it is so interactive. Parents are sending through praises for this product and their joy in watching on as their children place the characters around the farm and then effortlessly move elements to new positions, creating an entirely new layout! One customer has combined the farm collection with the transport design to create an agricultural city cosmos!

Some of our customers have purchased extra leaves to add to the tree and this is a great way for your child to learn all about the seasons of change in nature. Add the leaves in Spring and come Autumn the leaves fall to the ground and disappear for Winter, this is the beauty of Wall Craft wall stickers which are movable over and over again without loss of efficacy.

Available in 2 sizes, this design will suit most children’s rooms or nurseries. The smaller size takes up approximately 2m by 1m on a wall whilst the larger size is a whopping 4m by 2m tall!

Let us know what you think of this new design or learn more about it by clicking here.

Farm fabric wall stickers

Australian designed and made Farm wall decals


Looking for a Custom, Removable & Reusable Cherry Blossom Tree Wall Sticker?

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

We have an exciting new design to share with you all. We love this new design from Wall Craft because you can choose your own colours for the cherry blossom tree! Not to mention the standard benefits of purchasing a Wall Craft branded product- removability, reusability, eco friendly inks and materials, BPA & PVC free, adheres to just about any surface (excluding unpainted brick) and most importantly your supporting an Australian made and designed product.

This design is available in 2 sizes so it is likely to suit most wall spaces and budgets! The small size retails at just $69.95 and stands 1.1m tall, while the larger size is 2.2m tall and is priced at $149.95. This is great value for an Aussie made product which has been manufactured using premium quality materials that are not toxic to your little one. If you purchase your cherry blossom tree wall sticker today it will ship in just 2 working days!



Custom made lifestyle wall sticker quotes for the home or office

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

New in store this week are these stylish home or office wall sticker quotes. These removable wall stickers are available in your choice of colours!  We have a “House rules” quote, a down to Earth “In this house” themed quote and a fun “Live laugh” quote- great for some inspiration!

These quality wall stickers are printed on a matte vinyl that is removable but not reusable. They won’t damage your walls and they are so easy to apply. Perfect for the home or the office that is lacking that something extra, these will be sure to inspire and motivate!

Priced from just $99- a great price for custom made wall stickers in your choice of colours!


New Wall Sticker Design – Wall Craft Australian Outback Animals

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

We have an exciting new wall sticker design to kick off the new week – an Australian Outback Animals scene by Wall Craft.

This design is perfect for young kids to learn about some of our most famous native wildlife that exists in Australia, such as kangaroos, koalas, kookaburras, cockatoos, echidnas, wombats, frill neck lizards and more!

Spanning a huge 3 metres in width, this mural would add colour and excitement to any children’s bedroom and is a design that could be suitable for many years beyond early childhood.

Click here to view this design in our online store

Wall Craft Australian Outback Animals

SALE for one week only receive 10% off any order that includes a Wall Craft item!

Monday, May 7th, 2012

We’re having a sale to promote our latest wall sticker range from Wall Craft. If you purchase one or more Wall Craft branded wall stickers you can receive a saving of 10% off your entire order. This is a great opportunity to purchase all of those items you’ve been admiring including nappy bags, carriers, slings, rugs, kids furniture, custom made wooden names etc.

This is an exclusive offer for our Facebook fans, thank you for your support. We’re confident that you will love the Wall Craft wall sticker range just as much as we do. What’s not to love- Australian made, PVC & BPA free, movable and suits just about any wall surface!

Remember to receive 10% off your entire order you must order at least one Wall Craft wall sticker! Simply enter the coupon code CRAFTY at the checkout to receive your discount. To start shopping the Wall Craft range please click here.

Offer ends midnight 14/5/12.