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Walltastic wall art, affordable nursery decorating!

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Walltastic focusses on producing premier decorating products for children’s rooms and nurseries. Hot off the press, the latest range is colourful, easy to apply and makes for an affordable bedroom feature piece, sure to add an instant wow factor to any child’s space. Walltastic wall murals stand out from other similar decorating products, the art is significantly large in size, so as to be impressive and economical. Whether you’re wanting to transform, personalise or add a touch of fantasy to your child’s space, Walltastic has a design option to suit all tastes and intents.

Considering the significant size of the Walltastic wall murals, the price of this decorating product is unbeatable. Walltastic is popular among parents seeking an affordable and convenient means of decorating their baby room, play room, school, childcare centre or nursery. The murals measure approximately 2.4m in height and 3m in width. Paste is included for ease of application and detailed instructions.

A diverse range of designs, including circus, jungle, farm animals, whimsical fairies, under the sea, mermaids, horses, football, fairy princess, dinosaurs, to name but a few, you’re sure to find something you will adore! Designs are suited for both boys and girls, with many being unisex, making them the perfect baby shower gift for new parents.

Decorating kids rooms

Decorating kids rooms

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On sale now, browse the extensive range in the Totsntales store, today. Ships within 2 working days! You’ll be decorating in no time and your child’s room will be transformed into the wonderland of their dreams.

Tres x

Children’s Transport Boys Wall Stickers | Wall Stickers Australia

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

It can sometimes be a challenge to find decor for boy’s bedrooms because many designs will be outgrown very quickly. Wall Craft wall stickers Australia has designed a transportation wall decoration that will suit boys right from the nursery to their bedrooms.

These fabric wall stickers are also interactive and encourage your child to decorate their own space by placing the decals wherever they wish on their wall. They are individually cut and children enjoy arranging the transports along the road decals and because Wall Craft wall decals are removable and reusable, your child can change their mind everyday if they wish!

Here is a short Wall Craft video, featuring the Transportation wall decals that are so popular among little boys:

Wall Craft Wall decals Australia

Wall Craft Wall decals Australia

WC-transport-IRENA-ROOM WC-transport-MEGA-ART-ROOM

This wall decor design for boy’s rooms features trucks, construction, dumpster, taxi, scooter, cars, planes, hot air balloons, train, bikes, road, traffic signs, clouds just to name a few! The colours are bold and bright, sure to add character and colour to any child’s room.

You won’t find these on Amazon! Hop on over and visit the exclusive retailer of Wall Craft decals, Totsntales.

View the best range of Wall decals in Australia.

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Jungle Animal Wall Stickers for Baby Nursery | Wall Stickers Australia

Saturday, February 7th, 2015

Our Wall Craft jungle animal wall stickers are immensely popular among parents who are looking for a unique and unisex theme for their baby’s nursery or kids room. Recently we produced a video which gives you more of an idea of what this product looks like in real life:

What sets this jungle wall decal set apart from other products on the market?

* The animal decals are all individually cut and can be placed wherever you wish on your wall

* These are large wall stickers and I think the video review shows this most clearly however to give you some idea of their size: Giraffe 74cm tall x 41cm wide, Elephant 38cm tall x 49cm wide, Tiger 12cm tall x 13cm wide

Animal wall stickers for baby room

Animal wall stickers for baby room


* The Wall Craft fabric wall sticker range is BPA and PVC free – eco-friendly

* Australian made – support Aussie business & receive a premium quality product in return

* This designer wall decal is available in 3 colour ways to suit boys, girls and unisex nursery room themes

* Decorating has never been easier, simply peel and stick with the extra bonus of these decals being not only removable (without damaging your walls) but reusable! Yes that’s right, if you change your mind you can simply peel them off and re-position them wherever you wish. Great for renters looking to decorate their children’s rooms or for parents who just like to change their minds!

* Affordable – this sets features many large elements and retails for $59.95

  • 2 orangutans
  • 1 toucan
  • 1 tiger cub
  • 1 elephant
  • 1 giraffe
  • 1 hippo
  • 1 zebra
  • 5 bunches of grass

I hope you have enjoyed this wall sticker review and if you’d like more information about the Wall Craft Jungle animals decals simply click here or to browse the entire Wall craft fabric wall decor range please click here. Wall Craft is exclusively available from Totsntales online baby boutique.

Till next time,

Tres x

Wall Craft Cherry Blossom Tree Wall Decal – Customer Designs

Friday, May 31st, 2013

Just a quick note today to share some of our customer’s wonderful creativity with the our Wall Craft Cherry Blossom Tree Wall Decal.

This sticker has been a popular choice amongst our customers over the past few months, and we thought we would share some of our customer’s colour choices to help inspire others to create their ultimate wall feature with wall stickers.

Below are just a few of the fabulous colour choices from our customers, however we have created a new board over on our Pinterest page with a larger selection of Wall Craft Cherry Blossom Tree sticker designs. You can view the page here: Wall Craft Cherry Blossom Tree Sticker Designs

Our customers constantly inspire us to get creative in our own home, and we hope these designs may give you some inspiration for your home too!

Until next time,

Tots n Tales

Wall Craft Cherry Blossom Wall Sticker In Brown, Fandango Pink and Blue TurquoiseWall Craft Cherry Blossom Wall Sticker In Brown, Lilac and WhiteWall Craft Cherry Blossom Wall Sticker In Midnight Navy, Lake Blue and WhiteWall Craft Cherry Blossom Wall Sticker In Purple Magic, Orchid Bouquet and Lilac

The cutest wall stickers for little people

Thursday, February 28th, 2013
We have just received the latest range of wall sticker designs by Australian manufacturer Wall Craft! Little boys have been spoilt for choice, this range features an outer space and construction design, along with some gorgeous jungle animals in custom colours to suit boys and girls.
These designs are flying off our shelves and seem to be a hit with children of all ages.
Wall Craft jungle wall stickers

Wall Craft jungle wall stickers in blue

Looking for a unisex jungle design? You can’t go past this gorgeous set valued at just $59.95

Wall Craft jungle wall decals in grey

Wall Craft jungle wall stickers in gender neutral colours

For the little girls, this gorgeous jungle animal theme with pink highlights is one of our best sellers!
Wall craft jungle wall stickers in pink

Wall craft jungle wall decals in pink for little girls

One of our favourite room themes for boys is the space theme. You can dress this up with some amazing wall colours, black really gives the room a space feel, particularly when combined with these funky wall decals. This space design is interactive and educational, teach your child the names of the planets!

Space room theme wall decals

Space room theme wall decals for boys and girls

Jungle wall decals for boys and girls

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

We have listened to your requests and we now have  jungle wall sticker designs that will suit boys, girls and unisex room themes. The new designs incorporate bright colours with pinks, blues and neutral tones depending on the desired room gender. Your all time favorite jungle tree remains as is but we have mixed up the colours to make the design suitable for a wider range of rooms.

As with all of our Wall Craft branded wall stickers, you can customise your design. Simply send us an email with your ideas and we will set our designers to work. Proudly an Australian made product, made from premium materials with a special focus on safety and suitability for children.

Our girl’s jungle wall sticker design

Gender neutral jungle wall decals

A unisex jungle wall sticker

Jungle wall decal for boys rooms

Our blue jungle wall sticker design is great for boys rooms

Happy Australia day everyone- we hope you have a good one!

Hot off the press – ‘You are my sunshine’ nursery wall decal

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

We absolutely adore this new vinyl wall decal design, it’s hot off the press from our designer! You can customize this wall sticker to suit your child’s room or nursery. Choose from a selection of gorgeous colours using our colour chart and we will have this design manufactured and delivered to your door in approximately 3-4 weeks.

This design is currently a hot seller for 2013 and it is sure to make our best selling decal list for this Summer. This wall decal is a classic that is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face! It inspires memories of happy times and helps to create a warm nursery in which your new baby will feel comfortable and at ease. A modern design which goes well with most nursery themes and can easily be made to fit into a unisex baby nursery through the choice of an appropriate colour such as white or beige.

Our “You are my sunshine” wall decal design is really easy to apply and comes with a list of comprehensive and easy to follow instructions on how to apply wall decals.

Quote wall decal

‘You are my sunshine’ wall decals

Custom colour chart for wall decals

We can make your wall decal in your choice of colour

5 most popular nursery wall decals for 2012

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

We would like to share with you our 5 bestselling nursery wall decal designs for 2012!

The most popular wall sticker theme for Totsntales customers in 2012 has been the jungle nursery design. Many of our customers have customised these designs to suit their own room decor. We can make changes to these designs in terms of colour, size etc. Just ask us, our nursery wall decal designers would be more than happy to help. There are so many wall stickers to choose from online- to those that have purchased from Totsntales or taken inspiration from our nursery wall sticker designs, we would like to say thank you. Thank you for supporting an Australian made and owned product.

From most popular to least popular:

  1. Jungle tree nursery wall decals
Jungle wall stickers for baby nursery

Most popular nursery wall decal 2012

2. Transportation boys wall stickers

Boys nursery wall stickers

Transport nursery decals are popular in boys rooms

3. Custom cherry blossom wall decal

Cherry blossom wall stickers

Choose your own colours for this cherry blossom wall decal

4. Australian animals nursery wall decal

Animal nursery decals

Our bestselling Australiana outback wall decals

5. Under the sea nursery wall decals

Fish wall stickers

Under the sea nursery wall stickers add colour and life to any space

We have so many new designs under production for 2013 and we can’t wait to share them with you! Among them are some really unique and new ideas that we’re confident you’re going to love, so please stay tuned. There’s still time to get your Christmas orders in, we’ll be posting orders off tomorrow and we offer express post so please be sure to select this option if you require your order before Xmas.

To view some of our other bestselling nursery wall decals please visit our online boutique.

Latest collection of fabric wall decals

Monday, December 17th, 2012

We love our latest collection of farm themed fabric wall decals from Australian artist Barbara Kay. This range consists of a farm theme in bright colors and features an array of happy faces in amongst a diversity of farm life.

This collection has been tediously created initially by hand drawings and then brought to life by Wall Craft, the wall sticker specialists of Australia. Children are loving this design as it is so interactive. Parents are sending through praises for this product and their joy in watching on as their children place the characters around the farm and then effortlessly move elements to new positions, creating an entirely new layout! One customer has combined the farm collection with the transport design to create an agricultural city cosmos!

Some of our customers have purchased extra leaves to add to the tree and this is a great way for your child to learn all about the seasons of change in nature. Add the leaves in Spring and come Autumn the leaves fall to the ground and disappear for Winter, this is the beauty of Wall Craft wall stickers which are movable over and over again without loss of efficacy.

Available in 2 sizes, this design will suit most children’s rooms or nurseries. The smaller size takes up approximately 2m by 1m on a wall whilst the larger size is a whopping 4m by 2m tall!

Let us know what you think of this new design or learn more about it by clicking here.

Farm fabric wall stickers

Australian designed and made Farm wall decals


Fabric vs vinyl wall decals – what to look for before you buy

Monday, November 19th, 2012

While many of our customers adore the traditional vinyl wall stickers others are sampling our latest range of fabric wall stickers and loving them! There’s good reason to love the humble fabric wall decal, it’s great for the walls, small children, mum and dad’s sanity and the environment.

Dinosaur wall stickers

Dinosaur wall decals for kids rooms


Let me explain why I personally love fabric decals over vinyl.

  • Removable and movable over and over and over again- the flimsy structure of vinyl just can’t handle this stress and will either tear or bluntly refuse to adhere to the surface and that’s if the vinyl decal is movable in the first place. Many vinyl wall stickers are not movable and you should read all listings very carefully and request a sample to check the quality of the product.
  • Longer lasting- the movable nature of fabric decals means they look just as good after several repositions as they did when you took them out of the postal tube. Overall the money you invest in fabric wall stickers goes much further than investing in vinyl. You can even wipe and wash our fabric wall stickers! Perfect for dirty little finger prints :)
  • Scrunchable – Yes you got it, scrunch up the fabric decal and you can straighten it to look just like new. After many years of trading in vinyl wall stickers and having our customers comment saying their child had removed the decal and crumpled it up only to find that when you start straightening out the vinyl it starts to tear. Fabric wall stickers are super durable!
  • Adherence to pretty much any surface – we receive enquiry after enquiry from our customers wanting to know if wall stickers will stick to their rendered walls. Thankfully we can now say that our fabric decals will adhere to render and we have even tested them on unpainted brick (our manufacturer says this is the only surface they won’t stick to) on the outside of our house- they stick without any issues.
  • Eco-friendly – when you purchase Wall Craft branded fabric decals you are doing your bit for the environment. Not only is this product PVC and BPA free but it is printed using eco-solvent inks which are non toxic and do not contain any harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which have been linked to causing cancer.
  • Australian made – keep jobs in Australia and support an Aussie owned and run business. We are really proud to be supporting an Australian made product and like most goods made in Australia the quality is far superior to goods made overseas. From our experience wall stickers that are made in China commonly have issues adhering to wall surfaces and will often peel off the wall and cause a hazard in your baby’s nursery particularly when they fall in their cot! Cheap is cheap, do not sacrifice quality when it comes to your child’s room and safety. More importantly who knows what goes into manufacturing wall stickers overseas? What type of inks are used, do they contain harmful VOCs which will be emitted in your baby’s nursery? These are all important questions you should be asking or being informed about before purchasing any wall stickers. A reputable manufacturer will provide this information.
  • Stick around corners and ceilings – our fabric wall stickers will adhere around bends in the walls and will even stick to ceilings.
  • Matte finish which looks fantastic in any light and will not reflect making the design invisible.
  • Customisable – made in Australia also means you can choose your own colours and make alterations to the designs. Decorate your nursery with a decal that is just perfect, our designers are more than happy to help.
  • Transportation wall stickers

    Transport wall stickers for boys rooms

If you’re still not convinced on the benefits of Australian made fabric wall decals, please contact us and we’d be happy to send you a free sample so you can make up your own mind! Next time you’re decorating give them a go, what’s there to lose? Unlike other wall sticker companies we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our fabric wall stickers.