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NEW: MiniMonkey 4-in-1 Baby Carrier

Thursday, September 18th, 2014


MiniMonkey baby carrier is a user-friendly, ergonomic, and safe baby carrier that spreads the weight of your baby to your hips, back, and abdomen instead of relying only on your shoulder. This unique feature makes your child extremely light to carry even if he is 4 years old. It is a 4-in-1 baby carrier which means, you can carry your child in four positions – at the front (3.5kg+), facing out(6 months and above), belly to belly (3.5kg to 18kg), and back position (6 months and up).

MiniMonkey baby carriers also come with small pockets for mobile phones, keys, and other small items, and a handy sleeve to place your hands. There is also a head support to protect your baby’s head and the shoulder strap can be used straight, or crossed.
What I like about MiniMonkey is that it evenly distributes the weight evenly on my body. Apart from having an excellent weight distribution, the padding is excellent. I don’t feel any pressure after 45 minutes of walking and it seems that I can go for hours with this.

MiniMonkey 4-in-1 Baby Carrier comes in 4 colors: Dark Grey, Dark Purple, Red, and Turquoise.

For a great all round baby carrier, MiniMonkey Dynamic Carrier is available and for a more traditional approach, there is also MiniMonkey Sling.