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5 Fun DIY Nursery Wall Art Ideas

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

This week, we looked all over the web to find beautiful and completely doable DIY nursery wall art ideas to decorate in your kid’s room. So, if you are running out of ideas or just can’t seem to figure out what is missing, maybe these wall art ideas might inspire you.


Melted Crayon Art



A bunch of crayons and a canvas are all you need to build this masterpiece.


A melted crayon art is a simple, fun, and easy DIY project that almost anyone can make. All you need are the following:

  • blank canvas
  • crayons
  • hot glue
  • hair dryer

Sort the crayons out, place it on your canvas using a hot glue, then melt it with a hair dryer. And viola! A masterpiece done in minutes!



Decoupage Tree


Tear your way to creativity. You don't need to be too creative to create a decoupae tree.

Tear your way to creativity. You don’t need to be too creative to create a decoupage tree.

If you can tear a paper then you can make a Decoupage Tree. Here’s what you need:

  • glue
  • scrapbook paper
  • paintbrush
  • ladder
  • scissors
  • paper bowl or plate

Go to your local craft store and look for scrapbook papers that can be coordinated in your baby’s room. Then using these papers, create a tree from a template, or draw a tree on the wall. If you’re adventurous, let your creative mood flow by crafting a tree directly on the wall . Use a scissor to cut a limb, but, you can also tear the paper apart for a more natural look. Then, using a glue and a paintbrush paint the back of your tree and stick it to the wall. Once the tree is complete, you can add leaves, flowers, or other stuffs to suit your liking.



Fabric Wall Art


The easiest wall art you can do that results in maximum style factor. What's your excuse?

The easiest wall art you can do that results in maximum style factor. What’s your excuse?


A project that has minimal effort but rewards you with maximum style is this fabric wall art. All you need to do is pick the best patterned fabric to go along with your room’s decoration, stretch it to the frame, and you got yourself an art.



Game Board Storage Art



A whole new level of play and display.

A whole new level of play and display.


Is your game box collection a mess? Easy. Just frame it then put it to your kid’s room. This works as both a game board storage and a piece of art. To achieve such a piece, all you need is the following:

  • wood boards for the frame
  • game board of your choice

Using the wood boards, create a frame for your chosen game board. Then place your game board into the wood boards to make it look as if it was framed. Store game board pieces at the back to make it readily available for play.



Matchbox Car Wall Art


Tripping over toy cars? Stucked in the nook and crannies in the house? This is the ultimate solution.

Tripping over toy cars? Stucked in the nook and crannies in the house? This is the ultimate solution.


Before you throw away your kid’s toys, try this one for size. You’ll not only organize your kid’s toys and prevent yourself from tipping over these cars for good, you’ll also make a beautiful nursery wall art.

Things you’ll need:

  • matchbox-type toy cars
  • box frame
  • cardboard
  • hot glue gun
  • (optional)nail polish

Arrange the cars in the order you want them. If the cars are in different colors, you can paint it with a nail polish to match the hues you need. Using a hot glue, place the cars into the cardboard then frame it in a box frame.


So there you have it, 5 fun & interesting new ways that we found to decorate a nursery from around the globe. We hope this gives you some inspiration.

Of course, we also have to recommend that you check out our own range of Nursery Wall Art, such as Wall Stickers and Wooden Wall Art, as well as canvas wall art. We have a great range to choose from, and it’s constantly expanding to try and help everyone with their child’s nursery! Happy Decorating!


Checklist for Buying a Baby Sling or Carrier

Thursday, February 6th, 2014


The art of babywearing promotes a healthier baby, makes them cry less, and makes you bond more with your child. Once you’ve learned the art of babywearing, you’ll be hooked on it!

Baby carriers have been around for a while now. People before have found that a baby sling or carrier can free up their hands so they can do more tasks without being interrupted. Also, the rhythmic movement of the parent can relax a distressed baby and at the same time, promote a bond with the parent and the child. These findings are also backed by scientific research.

Here are some questions to ask before you buy a baby carrier or sling:

check_box_ok_yes-128How old is your baby?
If you have a younger baby, choose a sling or carrier that is suitable for younger babies. If you have a newborn, for example, buy a sling or carrier that provides ample support to the baby’s neck. Certain slings or carriers provide adequate support for a wide age range, starting from infants.

check_box_ok_yes-128Is your baby heavy?
Another consideration is choosing a carrier or sling based on its weight capacity. This is because every baby is different in weight and different carriers and slings handle weight different, so it is important that the carrier or sling you choose allows you to feel comfortable and provide adequate support specific to your baby.

check_box_ok_yes-128Do you plan to use it for a long time?
If you are planning on wearing your baby for a long time, like until he or she turns 15 months old, or when you’re always going on long trips, choose a baby carrier that can adapt to it. For example, Baby Bjorn baby carriers are developed for newborn until your baby is 3 years of age. It is an ergonomic baby carrier that is maximized for comfort.

check_box_ok_yes-128Who will use your carrier?
Choose a carrier that can be adjusted to whoever wants to use it. If you and your partner are going to use it, ensure that it is adjusted to fit you both.

check_box_ok_yes-128How easy is it to use?
At first glance, slings and carriers look complicated to use. Manufacturers make such contraptions to ensure the baby’s safety and comfort. So if you are willing to invest time in learning how to use the carrier, adjust the sling, your range of choice is greater. Consider how you can get in and off easily without juggling your baby. Also, consider how you will be able to use it without needing any assistance.

check_box_ok_yes-128Ergonomics and Quality
Ergnonomics determine how comfortable and safe it is to use for both the baby and the wearer. A baby carrier should have enough support to have an efficient weight distribution. The better its weight distribution, the longer you’ll be able to carry the baby, the more comfortable he or she is.

The market has a lot of baby carriers and slings. To tell a better quality carrier or sling, trust the ones that have already established their brand in the industry, and look for reviews from other parents.