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Designer Changing Bags: Storksak Nappy Bags

Friday, October 25th, 2013

What do Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Liv Tyler, and Julia Roberts have in common? They are mums who know what it means to have nappy bag that meet the demands of both the baby, and the mum – Storksak nappy bags.

Storksak creates a statement by creating highly functional baby bags that don’t sacrifice beauty.  Storksak has become one of the most sought after accessories for parents who hunger for fashion. Any mum can get drawn by the looks of these modern nappy bags, but are they functional?





Each bag has generous compartments on the outside and also on the inside. The pockets are stretchable. You won’t worry about fitting large items in the pocket and it won’t sag. The inside of the bag also has stretchable pockets to organize your items with ease. It’s like Storksak knows what parents actually need in a baby bag.

What makes Storksak bags simply irresistible? Their inspiration comes from the essential style and accessories that meet the requirements of fashion conscious parents. It is great for parents who are always on the go and don’t have the time to change from a nappy bag to an office or shopping bag.

Storsak_black Storsak_Elizabeth_Blackstorsak babby black

So, what makes Storksak more than just a parent bag? It’s design. Storksak bags are highly functional yet don’t sacrifice your own sense of fashion, in fact, they even build one.  The designs are a masterpiece made from mixing technology and modern designs; thus creating a bag you can use everyday regardless if you have children or not. Even Hollywood Dad’s are getting on board! See Brad Pitt wearing one of Storksak’s finest bags below (Storksak Jamie Black):


Storksak bags are made from the finest materials and crafted in unmatched quality.

If you hate the obvious look of a baby bag and is longing for a reliable nappy bag that is spacious enough to fit all your baby’s essentials, this bag is for you.

All Storksak bags are created by the co-owner, Melanie Marshall in-house. These bags are made from the finest fabrics and leathers selected out of durability and style. Storksak was established in 2003 with an aim to provide functional bags that are exceptionally stylish, and they haven’t failed.

 Take a look at our Storksak collection.

Eco Friendly Wall Decals from Wall Craft

Monday, October 21st, 2013

Wall decals are an effective way to add art to your room and let your kid’s imagination run wild. Moreover, it is a great way to hide the room’s imperfections and create a better atmosphere. If you are planning on repainting your child’s room, why not use wall decals. It won’t make the entire house smell of paint, and it instantly transforms the overall look of the room.
But most decals sold in the market are made from harmful materials like PVC and BPA. These types are not only harmful to your kids, but also very hard to apply and reapply.

Wall Craft understands the conundrums we have with wall decals by making it out of eco-friendly materials. Wall craft wall decals are PVC and BPA-free materials with eco friendly solvent inks. These non-toxic decals aren’t made from vinyl so it is a lot easier to apply, re-apply, and remove. It can be positioned multiple times, and it won’t peel or fall off the wall. The stickers are easy to apply, all bubbles and creases can easily be smoothed out unlike most sticker decals made from vinyl.

Go from boring to lively with Wall Craft Wall Decals.

View the collection here.

Wall Craft Jungle and Tree Pink Kids Decal
wall craft simple tree boys image



Contemporary Baby Bags from Isoki

Friday, October 11th, 2013


For someone so small, its amazing how many items they need for a quick trip to shops. You’ve got nappies, a change of clothes, bottles, toys, changing mats, and then of course, the challenge of fitting it all in a bag that looks half decent!

This problem is now a thing of the past! From a team of fashion and textile manufacturers come these stylish nappy bags made for dynamic women. Isoki, offers reversible concept parenting bag to meet a parent’s individual style and independence. Isoki’s innovative range of nappy bags come with a double sided satchel, an insulated bottle bag and a change mat. Not to mention, Isoki nappy bags are reversible, presenting two bags in one. All these can be removed and used individually.

Isoko bowler nappy bagIsoki_Lace_Black_Nappy_Bag


Isoki baby bags come in two different styles: Nappy bag and Hobo bag. The nappy bag has a zippered bottom for additional storage. These bags feature an adjustable shoulder strap, six accessible secure pockets, and a metal base to protect against hard or wet surfaces.

Isoki petit traveller

Isoki petite traveler contents


For light travelers, Isoki has a small portable wallet that can fit a bottle, a nappy, and other essential items.


Isoki clutch change mat in stroller

 Isoki’s change mat clutch can fold up to a size of a purse but can still hold other items like nappies and slim line baby wipes.

Isoki nappy bags come in a variety of colors and patterns. The bags are reversible so you can match its style depending on your mood and outfit.
Isoki Ruffles nappy bag limited edition

View our Isoki collection here.

Lassig Nappy Bags – Modern Bags for Modern Mums

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

Ever felt like having a bag that feels like you are bringing your entire house with you? Are you having a hard time finding the right bag that is not ugly nor frumpy? Then Lassig bags are for you.


Lassig is a German word that means casual. Lassig has taken into consideration their casual style in attitude, teamwork, and social responsibility. Their goal is to design beautiful and functional products and manufacture sustainably using non-toxic and environment-friendly components. Lassig even has recycled materials to most of their products. Just look at these wonderful designs.

Lassig_Casual_Messenger Lassig_Glam_Banana_Bag Lassig_Casual_Twin_Bag_Flock_of_Birds Lassig_Casual_Messenger_Flower











One of the biggest benefit of Lassig bags, is that it offers a very compact, yet highly organized interior. The bags contain a number of well-organized pockets and separators to meet any diapering or personal needs.

Lassig combines innovation, fashion, safety without using toxic products like PVC, phthalates, azo dye, nickel or cadmium in any of their items. “Live Lassig!” is not just a motto but a philosophy of the entire family.

View our Lassig lineup here.