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Stylish Nappy Bags from Il Tutto

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

Nappy bags are either functional or trendy, but not both. You’ll have to sacrifice one for the other because the two don’t mix. Well, not anymore.

Il Tutto baby bags are fashionable nappy bags are made for mums who still want to be in style even if they have a baby. These gorgeous bags made for mums are crafted from Italian leather with a subtle style and functionality that can keep numerous baby items without looking bulky.

il tutto nico compartment
Il Tutto is an exciting nappy bag brand for mothers who want a practicality of a baby bag that goes along with the trend of today’s handbags. Il Tutto nappy bags are designed to hold everything from your baby’s necessities to yours.

Ill Tutto Nico Nappy Bag

Nico Tote – This stylish bag made from crinkle patent leather featuring unique hardware pieces and a metallic teddy bear will sure to bring out the rock chic in you.

Il Tutto Frankie Nappy Bag

Frankie Tote – Tactile leather look PU wrapped with studs along with Il Tutto’s giant signature bear.

Il Tutto Mia Nappy Bag

Mia Bronze Limited Edition – This Nappa leather zip tote features multiple pockets to keep things at easy reach.


Each bag comes with a waterproof changing mat, an insulated bottle holder, and a clear zip pocket case to hold wet items. It also comes with Il Tutto’s signature monster teddy. One unique feature of Il Tutto bags, is the lining that can be removed for washing. You can wash the inside safely without ruining the exterior design of your bag.

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IVI Kid’s 3D Floor Rugs

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

Playing was once a creative and recreational activity that the kids and their parents enjoy. It’s where they bond together and discover each other strengths and weaknesses. Children, on the other hand are more active and more creative. But today, playing is defined into a whole new perspective. Kids nowadays are dependent on technology. The once active, interactive, resourceful¬† kind of playing was replaced with video games, DVDs, mp3 players, and social media where they just sit and let these devices do what they want. Where is the fun in that?

Bring back that creative, fun, and interactive play that your kids will enjoy, through IVI 3D Kids Floor Rugs. These colorful and inviting rugs makes a great setting to whatever your kid’s imagination desires. IVI Kids Floor rugs come in different themes and setting so whatever you child’s fancy is, the rug can make it happen. Add toys and decorations that match the theme to create the right element that your kid’s friends can join and enjoy.

These 3 dimensional play rugs from Turkey meet the strict European Child Standards. It’s safe to play for hours, can endure and physical or mechanical punishment, and is non-toxic. Let your child’s imagination roll and allow creativity to take place. Bring back the fun in playing with IVI Kid’s 3D floor Rugs.

Click here to view our full range of IVI Kids Floor Rugs.

IVI-Traffic-3D-Kids-Floor-RugsIVI-RUG-FORMULA1-MAINIVI Playing Way TurquoiseIVI-Farm-3d-Kids-Floor-Rugs






IVI traffic green rugIVI Farm Floor Rug

Spring decorating with Totsntales

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Here at Totsntales we have been busy over Winter preparing to release some exciting and fresh new designs for Spring! We have a huge range of products for your child’s walls including some gorgeous personalised wall clocks, canvas wall art, growth charts and of course our specialty, wall stickers.

Here’s a small sample of just some of the latest designs we have available at Totsntales. These products are already hitting our customer’s walls, with many proving popular for Spring decorating. We have not forgotten about the boys either, we have some exciting new boys wall decor arriving this week! I’ll give you a hint, think racing cars and vintage transports. Stay tuned for the release of an exciting new range of wall stickers just for boys!

Wall Craft blossoming tree wall decal

Wall Craft blossoming tree wall stickers, a must have for Spring!


Wall Craft bright flower wall decals, add colour and life to any space.

Wall Craft bright flower wall decals, add colour and life to any space.

Wall Craft celestial wall stickers

Wall Craft celestial wall stickers, bring the outside inside with a touch of tranquility.

Personalised children's wall clock

Personalised children’s wall clock featuring owls and your child’s name.


Wall Craft Butterfly silhouettes manufactured in your choice of colours.

Wall Craft Butterfly silhouettes manufactured in your choice of colours.

Wall Craft Nature tree wall decor

Wall Craft Nature tree wall sticker, a great unisex design option


Tipper personalised wall clock, perfect for boys rooms.

Have you been looking for a unique, personalised growth chart for your child’s wall? What do you think of these? A must have for children’s rooms, use this to document their growth and save your walls!

Noah's ark wall growth chart

Personalised animal design kids growth chart

Wooden kids names

Our exclusive range of custom made wooden kids names are made using premium materials & add a touch of charm and instantly personalise your child’s space.


Having trouble deciding what theme to use in decorating your child’s room or nursery? Totsntales makes shopping for unique children’s room decor, easy! We have taken the stress out of shopping and you can browse our entire range using our browse by theme category, meaning you don’t have to scroll through pages and pages of irrelevant items.