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A huge range of gorgeous kids & nursery wall prints are about to hit our shelves!

Friday, March 26th, 2010

For all the parents out there that are still a little unsure about using wall stickers on their nursery or kids walls, we have discovered a gorgeous new world filled with these stunning prints! After browsing these designs I’m afraid I may be becoming a fan of the wall prints, the quality is astounding and the range is very, very extensive.

Lion King Wall Print, how cute is this?!

lion king wall print

Peter Rabbit alphabet wall print, what a classic!

peter rabbit wall print

Here’s a sneak peak of just some of the designs we’ll be stocking. We’ll also be offering framing services, canvas and other mounting options but you can also purchase the prints and hang as you please.

What do you think about mixing and matching these prints with our wall sticker designs for the ultimate nursery wall theme!?

A classic Winnie the Pooh design, this is a beautiful print.

pooh wall print

Can you tell we’re excited? Cannot wait to receive these goodies!

I didn’t know that classic designed Tinkerbell wall art existed!

tinkerbell wall print

As we add our prints you’ll be able to view them by clicking here.


Our all time favourite licensed wall stickers Disney Cars Victory Lane arriving early April 2010

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

After many requests we now have the very popular Disney cars design back in stock, with our first shipment due to reach us in early April 2010. Little boys seem to go crazy over this design, a combination of bright, vibrant colours and ofcourse the characters but these wall stickers are mum and dad friendly too, they won’t damage your walls when removed!

Simply peel and stick these designs to apply and better still they can easily be repositioned and reused, making them perfect for renters and those who like to change their minds.

We stock the Disney cars Victory Lane wall sticker set, featuring the famous McQueen.disney cars wall stickers

Match this wall sticker set up with this co-ordinating Disney Cars checkered flag wall border.

disney cars wall border sticker

Isn’t this Disney cars McQueen wall mural something else? i love the vibrant red colours and the quality is simply superb!

disney cars wall mural

To view our Disney Cars room decor in store please click here.


We’re excited! The lastest Walltastic giant wall mural designs have arrived in store

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

We’re so excited to present the latest Walltastic wall mural designs, we think they’re smashing! Now just about all design bases are covered. Previously we have seen the release of the dinosaur land, princess fairy, jungle, car racers, pony stable, space, sea and more recently the fun farmyard animals design.

We’re so proud to introduce the new range which has just hit our store today. The latest designs include the Pirate and treasure Adventure Giant Walltastic mural, pictured below. Arrghhh me hearties!

Pirate adventure walltastic

This is my all time favourite, possibly a little biased because I’m a sucker for anything pink and throw in some fairies, well I’d be right at home! Introducing the Magical Fairies Giant Walltastic wall mural, pictured below.

magical fairy walltastic

Now for all the hungry little engine addicts out there, we finally have a design that will cover an entire wall with trucks, dumpsters, cranes, dirt, hard hat wearing builders and buildings! Construction heaven was surely on the books when creating this design.

construction walltastic

I’m sure you’d have to agree, these murals really are something else. They will instantly transform any child’s room and they’re so easy to apply, we even sell the wall paste.

Please feel free to click here to view the entire Walltastic mural range, including the brand new designs shown above.

Looking for the perfect Easter gift for Mum? This stunning MOR Marshmallow Parfum is now in stock!

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

It’s a great feeling when you find a product that your customers cherish, you loved it at Christmas time and now we have plenty in stock for Easter! The beautiful aroma and the stunning packaging make the MOR marshmallow Eau De Parfum 100mL the perfect gift for any woman, no matter what age or how fussy she is, it is irresistable!

MOR Cosmetics Marshmallow Eau De Parfum - 100mL

The MOR marshmallow Eau De Parfum is a particular favourite among our male customers who are sure to be impressing their special partners with this divine fragrance and impeccable presentation. Combining the parfum with our “For Her” gift wrap and personalised gift card will make your Easter shopping hassle free and you’ll be an instant hit with your loved one.

MOR Cosmetics Marshmallow Eau De Parfum - 100mL

The MOR Marshmallow parfum is in stock now and ships immediately. Be quick, while stocks last.

To view this beautiful parfum in our online boutique please click here.



Looking for the perfect jumbo tree mural for your nursery feature wall?

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Decorating the nursery feature wall with a tree mural wall sticker offers a number of advantages perhaps the most significant being the versatility inherent in the design, it can be matched up with butterfies, jungle animals, flowers, birds, it’s unisex etc.

Now all you have to do is choose a design which can be a challenge for some particularly when there are so many designs to choose from!

I think this blog will make your decision somewhat easier. Below is a showcase of our most popular tree wall sticker designs and the common add ons our creative customers like to decorate their nurseries with. I am always so amazed at your imaginations and love packing your orders and imagining what the final result will look like. From your feedback, the results are always something to be proud of and I think we all appreciate how easy and inexpensive wall stickers are to use, just peel and stick, remove and re-use! All without harm to your walls and you change themes at the drop of a hat without breaking the budget!

The dotted tree wall mural is often accompanied by our beautiful little blue bird wall stickers or the blue forest friend squirrel and owl set. These combinations are perfect for boys and girls!

For a girl’s room the dotted tree goes really well with the hootie owl design and these gorgeous spring blossoms.

If you’re looking for a tree that is less bright, these Forest Friend Tree murals, accompanied by gorgeous furry friends may be the perfect designs for you.

To view our nursery tree wall murals in store please click here.

ForWalls Forest & Jungle Animal Friends Wall Decorating Packs & Bird House Mural!

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

We’re thrilled that everyone is enjoying the new For Walls wall decor designs in our store. Your favourites seem to be the Forest Friends designs and I completely understand why- they are just so darn cute!

Click here to view all our Forest Friends Room Decor in store.

Today we had a brain wave and thought we’d make it easier for you by combining all of the Forest friends packs into one giant Forest Friends wall decorating pack! You can now purchase the Forest friends tree with the gorgeous brown squirrel and his akorns. You’ve also been concerned that the Forest friends tree set is not ideal for your little boy’s nursery, well we’ve combined the Forest friends tree set with the blue forest friends squirrel and owl and the result as you’ll see below is adorable!

Click here to view the Blue Forest Friends design in store.

Whilst packing your For Walls orders, each time I’ve delved into and sorted through the sets, I’ve come across this beautiful bird tree house design and each time thought “hmm I wonder why these aren’t moving, I was so sure they would be a hit amongst our mums”, finally I thought to check our “online” store and ofcourse they weren’t on display! I’ve put this little favourite up today, I’m sure you’ll all love it to bits.

bird house wall stickers

Click here to view the much anticipated bird house design.

I’m so pleased to see how popular the For Windows sticker range is and I too think they are a fabulous addition when combined with the matching wall sticker sets, best of all they are a harmless add on that won’t break the budget, instead adding spark to any room in the home.

Click here to view our For Windows sticker range.

Oh, and here’s the jungle friends combo pack featuring our friendly lion, tucan and friends. What a charming combo!

Click here to meet the Jungle Friends gang in store.

New Season Storksak Nappy Bags!

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Just arrived this week are a brand new range of Storksak Nappy Bags. These new designs are stunning! Check them out below and in our online store here:

Storksak Elizabeth Red Leather:

Storksak Elizabeth Chocolate Leather:

Storksak Dori Chalk / Tan:

Storksak Jess Black:

Storksak Jess White:

Storksak Jess Red:

New Season Babymel Nappy Bags now available!

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

New to our online store this week are the dynamic range of new 2010 Babymel nappy bags. The popular Amanda style has 3 new colours: black leaf, bronze and seaside stripe:

As well as these, 2 new products have been released: change stations and a new style nappy bag, the “sammie” (pictured below).

Babymel are well know for creating fashionable yet affordable nappy bags.

To view all these stunning new designs, please click here.

MOR “My Summer of Love” Gift Pack Give Away

Friday, March 5th, 2010

After nearly 6 months of bringing you the MOR cosmetics range in our online boutique and seeing just how popular it is with everyone of all ages, we feel it’s time to give some back to you!

MOR cosmetics

We have a special closet for our MOR cosmetics range and the divine fragrances that drift out of the door when we’re packing your orders makes me feel so warm and happy. It’s a unique cosmetics range, bringing together yummy fragrances such as the classic Marshmallow, gardenia, blood orange, belladonna and infusing these into luxurious body butters, candles, perfumes, lip balms and soaps.

Blood orange MOR soap

Perhaps the most stunning feature of the MOR cosmetics range is the exquisite packaging that goes into each and every product. The signature gold stamp, the bows and the trademark bold colours with splashes of gold and silver.

MOR is perfectly suited and adored by people of all ages and I will always remeber the day when one of our more senior customers said that the Marshmallow fragrance reminded her of candy and brought back fond memories of her childhood.

What can you win?

Classic Collection Gift Pack (pictured below) Featuring a Collectible Tin with Full Size:
- Cucumber and Casaba Triple-Milled Soap 200g
- Lychee Flower Lip Delight 10g
- Marshmallow Hand Cream 125ml

MOR summer-of-love

MOR My Summer of Love Gift pack Give Away

It’s give away time! Tell us what you like about MOR cosmetics by leaving a comment below this post or for Facebook fans you can leave a comment below the MOR posting (posted 5/3/10). Is it the divine packaging or the invigorating fragrances? Perhaps it’s the luxurious texture inherent in the body butters and the lip balms? Do you have a favourite product, a favourite fragrance? What will you do with the MOR cosmetics Summer of Love gift pack if you win this competition? The winner will be selected at random, contest closes on Sunday the 14/3/2010 at 9pm AEST. Please note the prize will only be shipped within Australia.

Updated 16/3/2010

Thank you to everyone who participated in the MOR summer of Love Give away.

Congratulations to Ross who one the gift pack!

We’ll be having more give aways soon, so please check back regularly or simply become a fan of Totsntales on Facebook by clicking here to receive instant updates for our Give aways, discount coupons and specials!